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-Old- Hugo's Haunted Book, 2008 by LordDominic -Old- Hugo's Haunted Book, 2008 by LordDominic
A really cool drawing from 2008 that I am surprised I never posted here when I was uploading old art! With Halloween around the corner, this seems like a good time to share this.
I'm also posting this because I did a digitally-colored update and I like to have the old originals on hand for comparison.

Hugo is a character that I don't really draw very often, based on my old "German Shepherd" frame. He's older (about 60 years old) and works as a teacher. I usually imagined him as an elementary teacher who used to teach at a high school. He's intellectual but a bit absent-minded and aloof, prone to becoming overwhelmed and flustered when there is too much work to do or too many distractions, sometimes forgetful or a touch clumsy, and somewhat unsocial (not antisocial or hostile, just very awkward and preferring to spend his free time reading or writing rather than going out). Given that he is older and a bit overweight he moves a bit slowly at times and has the typical aches and pains one would expect an older character to have. However, despite all that he enjoys teaching the youngsters and sharing his knowledge so he takes it all in stride.

Here we see Hugo in the library late at night, looking for an interesting read. The strange old book that caught his attention might be a bit more than he bargained for, though!

(I know the ghost suffers from "Bad Fan Character Color Syndrome", also known as "Dark and Edgy Color Syndrome" or "Special Snowflake Color Syndrome", being black with bright red and neon green...)

The digitally colored version:
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